Francqui Chair 2020 by Prof. Dr. Anne-Claire Pache

Inaugural lecture of the Francqui Chair 2020 by Prof. Dr. Anne-Claire Pache from ESSEC Business School - wednesday 16 december 2020

The promise of hybrid organizing: how to achieve both social and financial goals?

As leaders of businesses and not-for-profit organizations alike increasingly recognize that they need to achieve high levels of performance on both financial and social dimensions, this lecture will build on ten years of research on hybrid organizations to discuss the challenges associated with such joint pursuit, as well as ways in which it can be achieved. In addition, the lecture will discuss how the pursuit of financial and social objectives can be taught and the responsibility that higher education institutions - in particular business schools - have in better preparing their students to embrace such dual goals.

The inaugural lecture will be followed by a series of lectures by Prof. Dr. Anne-Claire Pache


About the Chair holder

Anne-Claire Pache is Professor of Social Innovation, Chair Holder of the Philanthropy Chair and Associate Dean for Strategy and Sustainability at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. She served as ESSEC Dean for Academic Programs between 2014 and 2017.

Her research interests lie at the intersection of organizational theory and social innovation, with a particular emphasis on pluralistic environments, hybrid organizations, and scaling-up processes in organizations. She has conducted qualitative studies in the field of social enterprises, corporate philanthropy and private foundations. She has authored several books and articles, including in the Academy of Management Review and Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, California Management Review and Leadership Quarterly.


The inaugural lecture will be followed by a series of lectures by Prof. Dr. Anne-Claire Pache:

> 17 March 2021, 19.00-21.00,  "Making hybrid organizations work: Lessons from 10 years of research on work integration of social enterprises"  - online

A growing number of organizations pursue both social and financial goals, as they attempt to address major societal issues while also remaining financially sustainable. These "hybrid" organizations face a range of strategic and operational challenges as the pursuit of multiple goals embeds them in conflicting social and financial logics, makes them particularly likely to face difficult trade-offs between their social and financial goals, and exposes them to the risk of internal conflict and mission drift. 
Building upon ten years of research in the field of work integration social enterprises, Anne-Claire Pache will share the insights from her research and outline some of the ways in which these challenges can be addressed. 

> 01 April (09.00-12.00) & 08 April (09.00-12.00)  2021, PhD Lecture, "Developing a qualitative research program: An example in the context of Hybrid Organizations" - online

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